2.    Mines and Cokeplants

The beauty of mines and coke plants in Europe and USA captured in black and white images.

2.1.    Belgium

Belgium used to own numerous of the most beautiful and fascinating mine buildings. Many of them are gone by now, at least preserved in the following photographs.

2.2.    Germany

Rich deposits of mineral (hard) coal, especially in the areas of the Ruhr and the Saar, allowed the development of large coal mines in Germany. Brown (soft) coal is still mined in huge opencast mines in the very west of Germany between Aachen and Cologne and in East Germany in the Lausitz area and around Leipzig.

2.3.    'Bootleg Miners' in Pennsylvania

A report about small coal mines in Pennsylvania (in German language).

2.4.    Great Britain

Coal mining was the motor of the industrial revolution in Great Britain. The steel mills, textile factories and locomotives used to be hungry for coal.

2.5.    France

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